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Deaf Chess makes playing chess so very enjoyable, like never before!


Deaf Chess has been established by a dedicated team of Chess Experts, with the sole motive of creating Customized Online Chess Games for the Deaf, thereby providing new dimensions to the game and making it accessible to one and all. Along with Online Chess Games, Deaf Chess also provides a vast range of Chess Resources for the Deaf, that include Videos, Mentor Sessions, Coaching, Articles, Workout, Analysis and so much more!

Chess Trivia:- The origin of the game of Chess can be traced to India, from where it was transferred to the Persians and eventually moved on to Europe in the Fifteenth Century, where several modifications and additions were made to the game to bring it to its current version, as we play it today.

Exclusive Online Chess Videos by Deaf Chess

At Deaf Chess, we wish to spread the joy of playing chess to one and all. Our Chess Experts have tailor made a set of customized Chess Videos, keeping in mind the requirements of deaf players. We have successfully taught a number of hearing impaired Chess Beginners to learn the game, as well as provided valuable learning lessons to existing players. The Videos range from introducing a beginner to the game of Chess, videos demonstrating the rules of the game, tips for new learners and so on. Register with us today to gain access to these exclusive videos.

Free Demo Sessions!

Chess is all about harnessing your mind-power and gradually immersing yourself into the sheer finesse of the game's nuances and techniques. Our free Deaf Chess Demo Sessions are the first of their kind in the history of online gaming. And the best part is that these sessions are ABSOLUTELY FREE ! Sign in with us to find out more.

Top Benefits of Playing Chess

  • Scientific Research has delved deep into the correlation between the game of chess and cerebral development, and recent studies have established that playing chess can be an excellent mental stimulant.
  • Playing Chess enhances memory, creativity and problem-solving skills.
  • People who play Chess have 80 percent lower chances of getting affected by Alzheimer's Disease.
  • Chess is great for students, because it improves the ability to grasp and retain information.
  • Chess improves your Concentration and Analytical Skills to a great extent.

Chess Games for the Hearing-Impaired

There are several reputed organizations across the world that represent and promote the aspirations of Deaf Chess Players across the globe. The most prominent of them is the International Chess Committee of the Deaf in Copenhagen, which is a voluntary association that organizes chess tournaments for deaf chess players from all over the word. Similarly, in the virtual world of Online Chess Games, Deaf Chess has set benchmarks by becoming the first online Online Chess Game Portal, designed exclusively to suit the exact requirements of Deaf Chess Players. 
Furthermore, we have Deaf Chess Training Modules for Basic, Intermediary and Advanced Levels of Players. All modules are well designed, highly interactive, and updated with the latest international rules of the game.

Happy Playing with Deaf Chess Online Chess Games!





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Exclusive Chess Games, Chess Trivia, Videos and much more, for the Hearing-Impaired!

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TestimonialsAnthony Curtis

I want to thank Deaf Chess for familiarizing me with the game of Chess, and providing such wonderful learning opportunities. I started playing only a couple of months ago, and within a very short span of time, my skills have improved considerably.

TestimonialsHollie Murphy
Mode O

Deaf Chess has taken a wonderful initiative of providing online chess games for deaf players. Kudos to their sincere and genuine efforts for promoting the game of chess for hearing-impaired chess enthusiasts, and providing them with a suitable platform to demonstrate their skills.

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